Small Enterprise Life Shotz Raises over $34,000 for the Unstoppable Foundation

Posted on Jul 15, 2015 in Small Enterprise News

Talk about Corporate Social Responsibility.  Life Shotz has raised $34,000 and is well on its way to reaching the $35,000 mark in its partnership with the charitable organization called Unstoppable Foundation.

The nutrition supplement company takes its mission of social responsibility seriously, and has not only formed a bond with the charitable organization, but has also contributed in significant ways by offering enticements to donors who contribute on any of the several donation level offered on the Life Shotz website.

What is the Unstoppable Foundation?

The Unstoppable Foundation supports education, nutrition, healthcare, and clean resources in developing nations.  To date, this federally-recognized (501c3) non profit organization has given job training to over 3 thousand adults, built over 60 primary schools, given clean water and health care access to over 20,000 villagers, and sent over 6,000 children to primary school with warm nutritious meals.

Money from organizations like Life Shotz goes towards their Sponsor a Village program, which provides:

  • money for schools
  • money for health clinics
  • access to clean water
  • sanitation
  • jobs for parents

How Life Shotz Did It

According to one popular Life Shotz review, donors at the highest level, called Village Donors, receive an invitation to a celebration gala attended by Life Shotz founder and industry leader Richard Brooke.  They also get the chance to visit the village they sponsor and recognition at Life Shotz events throughout the year.  They also get a page to help them promote the cause and take donations.  This comes with a $25,000 donation.

Donors at the Village Leader ($2,500) level receive a Leader webpage to help them solicit donations and everything else the upper level receives, with the exception of the invitation to attend the Gala.

There’s also a third option for giving, called the Village Donor program.  This works on a monthly schedule, with donations recurring every month at any level.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility, or CSR, is a growing trend among today’s business organizations who want to show the world they’re about more than just turning a profit.  Employees as well as consumers report that they value a company with a social mission, and partnering with an organization like the Unstoppable Foundation is just one way companies like Life Shotz can display their altruism.

Life Shotz also partners with the Rypien Foundation, another non-profit organization.  Rypien provides resources for families in the Inland Northwest region who have children battling cancer.  Life Shotz supports their efforts by underwriting the foundation, offering cash and services to help them maintain operations.

Oxyfresh, a division of Life Shotz created by Richard Brooke over 20 years ago, also supports charitable organizations.  With profits generating from their MLM leads department, they’ve recently pledged $60,000 to the Boys & Girls Club of Kootenai County.  The funds will go towards building a new facility near the corporate headquarters in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

There’s also the Gen Why Foundation, to which Life Shotz donated creative input for their new website.  Gen Why supports efforts to curtail homelessness in youth in the US.

Finally, Life Shots fulfills its CSR with The Grand Slam for Children.  CEO Richard Brooke attended the event to help raise $8 million for the Andre Agassi Foundation for Education.