Car Adapter The car adapter can be a good accessory for the ipods, cell phones and the laptop while travelling long distance. It will be of great importance to the business people as they want to keep the battery charged so the car adapter is the best choice. The charger that you get with the mobile phone can only be used at home so there are many different types of charger available for travelling. The car adapter can be used for the car only and cannot be used in other vehicles. They can be purchased along with the cell phone accessory kit. You can also use the USB cable for charging into the plug point. The universal car adapter can be used to recharge the battery and the other items, and the best type can be searched ovr the internet. You can read the reviews of the charger before purchasing them and order online. The prices of the car adapter differ for the different brands and the company website. The ipod car adapter helps to hear the songs. There are some things to consider in choosing the right kind of the car adapter like you can spend worthy to look for the adapter, and then check the model of the adapter as that must easily fit into the jack with no interference. Some of the pin models differ so you can check through it before placing the order. If you are planning for a long trip then the car adapters are the best choice. The Apple products are more commonly used and that is used to enjoy the music during the travel. Some of the chargers are not interchangeable and hence they are kept aside useless. Some of the mobile companies like Nokia and Motorola changed their connecting facility and are maintained uniform in collaboration with the manufacturers of the car adapter companies. The head sets are attached with the car adapters as they are energy efficient and consume less power. So there are no needs to switch off the mobile phones for wasting the charge and they are available at affordable costs around ten dollars. Once it is fixed to the car there is no need to remove it as it cannot be used at home. All the products are available at Amazon like Road Home charger, car adapter, ipod adapter and the USB car adapter. They are compact and easily folded inside the pack for the chargeable devices. The size of the charger is comfortable for you to move inside the car. They are associated with the two USB ports so that you can charge the multiple items simultaneously like ipod and the mobile phone. As they are compact they can be stored easily.